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Black Desert's Latest Land of the Morning Light Trailer Focuses On The Darkness You'll Fight

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Black Desert's Latest Land of the Morning Light Trailer Focuses On The Darkness You'll Fight

Black Desert is ramping up the hype as it inches closer to its June launch of the Land of the Morning Light expansion, this time with a trailer focusing on the darkness players will encounter.

The teaser trailer is a second part of sorts to the trailer Pearl Abyss debuted last week when it announced the much-anticipated Land of the Morning Light content is dropping in the West this June. Where last week's trailer focused on the beautiful landscape inspired by Pearl Abyss' home country of South Korea, today's teaser focuses on the darkness hidden within the Land of the Morning Light that players will come up against in their travels.

Speaking of the beautiful landscapes, as we noted last week, Pearl Abyss is collaborating with the Korean Tourism Organization, producing a video showcasing some incredible shots of both South Korea and the places it inspired in the Land of the Morning Light.

Celebrating June's release of Black Desert's upcoming content drop, players will be able to get free in-game items, including a new pet. You can claim them now using the promo code in the latest GM Note on the official website.

Black Desert's Land of the Morning Light is a large content drop with a new region for players to explore, new quests and bosses to take down and more. Inspired by Korea's natural beauty as well as the mythology and folklore of the country's Joseon period of history. You can start to prep using our handy guide here.


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