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Black Desert Unveils More Story About Its New Twin Classes In New Audiobook

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Unveils More Story About Its New Twin Classes In New Audiobook

Black Desert is ramping up its push for the two Twin Classes in the MMO, and this time it's through the first of a four-part dramatized audiobook about the Maegu and the Woosa.

The new dramatized audiobook, as Pearl Abyss is calling it, is releasing on Youtube, with the first episode being available today.  The new story pulls back some of the veil surrounding the Twin Classes and their origins, which Pearl Abyss started to unravel during its Calpheon Ball celebration in early December. 

This first episode describes the Twins origins, the omens surrounding the two Twins before they were born. The audiobook also acts as an introduction of sorts to the new region coming to Black Desert next year, the Land of the Morning Light. 

The style of the audiobook feels like more of a chronicle rather than a story itself set down, and it's an interesting style to tell the origins of the Maegu and Woosa. 

The two classes were officially revealed during the Calpheon Ball and are both live, with the Woosa releasing on PC while the sister Maegu is currently only on Mobile. However, both classes will be making the jump to the other platforms in January, giving players of each version a chance to try both out. Meanwhile, the new region, The Land of the Morning Light, is coming next year and is rooted in Korean legend and myth, a refreshing departure from the generally Western themes of Black Desert


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