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Black Desert Releases New Story and Combat Trailer for Latest Class Drakania

The Cold Can't Dragon' You Down

Steven Weber Posted:
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Black Desert Releases New Story and Combat Trailer for Latest Class Drakania

Pearl Abyss is ready to release their 24th class in Black Desert Online, the Drakania. The highly mobile class that wields the Slayer and Shard will channel pure draconic rage to devastate their enemies. The new class will release along with the Eternal Winter expansion, currently slated for April 6th.

As the “Destroyer of the Ynix” the Drakania is states as being the “antithesis of the Guardian”, as it seeks to destroy the Ynix, while the Guardian aims to protect it. The latest trailers depict the Drakania as a swift and powerful damage dealer, utilizing aspects of the Dragon to wreak devastation upon her foes. The new class will release alongside the newest expansion, Eternal Winter, which is now available for Pre-Order for PC.

The Eternal Winter edition that is now available on the official NA/EU Black Desert Site, include a number of unique benefits:

  • Game Pass
  • [Title] Winter
  • [Event] Classic Outfit Box
  • Value Pack (30 Days)
  • Blessing of Kamasylve (15 Days)
  • Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days)
  • Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon
  • Eternal Winter New Outfit Box
  • Eilton Storage +8 Expansion Coupon x2
  • Eternal Winter New Pet
  • Dragon's Blessing Box

Currently the Eternal Winter Edition will run you about 50 dollars. Players will be able to visit the Mountain of Eternal Winter in the latest expansion, fighting through snowstorms and keeping themselves safe from a new debuff, Frostbite. Be ready to encounter new monster zones like Murrowak’s Labyrinth and the Jade Starlight Forest, and earn new items along the way. Of course, experience the exciting draconic powers of the newest class, Drakania, which will certainly help you dispatch of numerous enemies along your journey.

You can learn more about the Eternal Winter expansion by checking out this article and associated trailer. Are you ready to brave the cold and seek rewards in the newest region? Drakania is ready!


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