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Black Desert Online's Hashashin Class Releases as Timed Console Exclusive

A Desert Warrior for the Black Desert?

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Black Desert Online's Hashashin Class Releases as Timed Console Exclusive

Pearl Abyss has released their newest class for Black Desert Online, The Hashashin as a timed console exclusive for western audiences. The Hashashin is a sand dwelling warrior with powers bestowed by the native Valencian god Aal and has the ability to wield the power of the sandstorm to attack its enemies.

 Alongside the release news of the Hashashin was the class release trailer accompanied by some additional information regarding some events and rewards players will be able to earn as they continue their adventures in Black Desert Online.

Is the Hashashin the right class for you? You can check out all some of the classes abilities and what they do at BDO’s announcement page, or view the short list of some of its abilities in our list provided below.

  • Sand Slicer - Charge forward and slash the enemy in an instant. The opponent is struck with such speed they will simply collapse, never realizing they were even attacked.
  • Piercing Tornado - Envelope yourself within a violent tornado, then hurl yourself towards your enemies. Anyone caught within the tornado’s grasp will be flung into the sky.
  • Hourglass of Defiance - Call forth a gust of sand to make an imprint at your current location.You can return to this location while you are within a certain distance.
  • Quicksand - The sand magic contained within Haladie summons quicksand and a biting wind to subdue enemies. As enemies are ripped apart by the wind, they are pulled into the quicksand like a vacuum.
  • Descent - Empower your Shamshir with Haladie’s power, then thrust it into the ground. The ensuing sandstorm will clear all poor souls caught in its path.

The new patch also brought a lot of rewards that you can obtain throughout your adventure in BDO. The rewards you can earn are listed as:

  • Adventurers who login during the event period will receive $130 worth of items, such as Cron Stones, Advice of Valks, Blessing of Kamasilve and a Premium Weapon and Armor box.
  • Adventurers who level their Hashashin class up to 60 during the event period will also receive over 600 million in silver, as well as other rewards such a Black Stones.To help make this feat a little easier, a 24-hour Hot Time event will be applied, giving Adventurers 100% additional Combat EXP and a 30% drop rate increase. 
  • Adventurers who are able to interact with one of the many sandstorms raging across the realm will gain 100% additional Skill EXP and an extra 20% increase in drop rate.

More information about the latest patch can be found on BDO’s official patch notes. You can also check out the original release trailer of the Hashashin class along with Black Desert Online’s 2020 roadmap and see what else is coming down the pipe this year.


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