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Black Desert Online Remastered Launches Sage Class, New Trailer

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Online Remastered Launches Sage Class, New Trailer

The newest class for Black Desert Online Remastered has launched today on PC, bringing the Sage class to the world. This caster-type class brings its ancient weapon, the cube-shaped Kyve, to Black Desert, smiting foes from afar.

The new Sage class in Black Desert lore is billed as a scholar from an ancient civilization, and the first person in the world to discover the Black Spirit itself. 

To prepare and protect the world, Sage built an ancient weapon research facility - Atoraxxion. With 49 years until the Black Spirit comet crashed to earth, Sage sealed himself away to face the force in his prime.

Sage can alter space and time, bringing down new abilities, as well as some interesting traversal options like Rift Chain, which sees the Sage ignore even the strongest of obstacles in his way. This skill also goes a long way in repositioning the Sage on the battlefield to get the drop on his enemies. The Sage can also access Hystria Ruins and the Aakman Temple dungeon without any entry items.

You can check out the Sage in action in the combat trailer above. The Sage is currently released on PC, however console fans will need to wait until March 31st to take the new class for a spin.


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