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Black Desert Online Opens Season Server Today

Summer Season Launch Events to coincide as well

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Black Desert Online Opens Season Server Today

Today, Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have launched a new way to play Black Desert Online called the 'Season Server'.

Starting today, players can create new characters on this limited-time Season Server that will only be open until September 2nd. Players that reach a certain milestone can 'graduate' their character to a regular server. On the Season Server, players get a 100% Experience bonus and can gain skills faster. Additionally, there are exclusive Tuvala items that are only available on the Season Server. When characters 'graduate' to a regular server, these Tuvala items can be converted into 'boss gear'. More info can be found on the Dev Note: Season Servers posted on the Black Desert Online website.

For more about the Season Server, Black Desert Online has a Season Servers Guide available for players to get started. There's are also several Season Server Launch Events that you can check out as well. But if you prefer your news in cartoon-format, Pearl Abyss has launched a new cartoon video on their YouTube that you can watch below.


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