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Black Desert Mobile Releases Two Classes - Musa and Maehwa

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile Releases Two Classes - Musa and Maehwa

Black Desert Mobile has added not one but TWO more characters to their class roster, the Musa and the Maehwa. The announcement is accompanied by a release trailer, and details on what each class does.

The Musa utilizes fast blade and bow attacks that can do some hefty damage, while the Maehwa is a versatile attacker, who is able to use ice powers to vanquish her foes. A quick synopsis from Pearl Abyss of each class is below:


  • A fearless Korean swordsman who battles with a blade and horn bow, using deadly agile combos and explosive dash attacks to make quick work of enemies
  • Swinging his blade upward to knock enemies into the air, he uses a powerful thrust attack to deal heavy damage
  • Once Awakened, Musa can use the crescent blade- the weapon of choice for a master swordsman


  • Maehwa also uses a blade and bow to deliver graceful attack combos that switch from close melee combat to ranged attacks, making her a versatile fighter
  • Charging her blade, she slices through her enemies and knocks them down with an icy attack that momentarily slows them down
  • Once Awakened, Maehwa wields the kerispear

If you’re new to character releases in Black Desert Mobile than you may not know that every arrival of a new character is also accompanied by new rewards and special loot. If you get to level 60 with either of the new classes, you will be rewarded with advanced black stones, a Liverto main weapon box, and plenty more items.   

Black Desert Mobile released their last class The Tamer last month and a new zone and world boss just a few weeks ago as well.


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