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Black Desert Mobile - Hashashin Now Available for Mobile Players

Hashashin To-Go

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile - Hashashin Now Available for Mobile Players

The Hashashin has been making the rounds over the past few months between PC and Console versions of Black Desert, and now the time has come for the Hashashin to appear on Mobile. The Hashashin is available as of today in Black Desert Mobile.

The Hashashin class is a powerful melee and AOE damage dealer, that uses the might of sandstorms to decimate enemies. With his trusty Shamshir, the Hashashin is both an exciting and dangerous class to play. Starting today, a series of quests will be available to players, as a celebration of the Hashashins arrival. Players can receive ancient gold coins, advanced black crystals, relic fragments, tier 4 pets, and Advice of Valks by logging in.

For those that manage to level the Hashashin to 60 during the celebration will earn an Abyssal-grade accessories including the Jade Ring and Jade Bracelet as well as a ‘Lv 60 Character Generator Coupon’  which gives players the ability to instantly level any character to 60. Most recently, Black Desert Mobile has added both a new world boss and some new modes, making it one of the best options when it comes to mobile MMORPGs. 


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