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Black Desert Mobile Freezes Over With New Everfrost Region, Guardian Class

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile Freezes Over With New Everfrost Region, Guardian Class

Black Desert Mobile is starting to get a little bit chillier as it debuts its new Everfrost region to the mobile MMO today alongside a new class, the Guardian. 

Everfrost, the new region for the mobile MMO, is described as a realm "covered with pure white snow, icy terrain and bone-chilling enemies." The new region is playable for both new and returning players alike, able to jump into one of the five new stories in the region. 

Via this morning's press release:

"Everfrost is a region beyond Drieghan covered with pure white snow, icy terrain and bone-chilling enemies. New players can start enjoying the new region upon registering their family name after the initial gameplay of 10 minutes. This will grant them access to five distinct stories that await their exploration in Everfrost. By conquering all the storyline quests, they will achieve combat power equivalent to that of the renowned Mediah region. Existing players can look forward to new grades of accessories, formidable boss monsters, and captivating content that can enhance their gameplay experience and foster their ongoing progression."

To combat the cold, Citron Tea will need to be consumed, which provides about 20 minutes of warmth according to Pearl Abyss. This tea is obtainable each day after completing a quest, and this tea will be necessary to combat the chilly atmosphere, especially to take out the new world-exclusive boss, the Erebjork. 


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If you're looking to jump into a new character, the Guardian class is also live in Black Desert Mobile, bringing the powerful Ascension class to the MMO. You can watch the Guardian in action in the combat trailer below, slinging her battle axe and powerful shield to deal AOE damage to enemies everywhere around her. 

Black Desert Mobile players can also take part in special daily missions to celebrate the launch of the Guardian, rewards including the all-important Citron Tea, among others. New Community Events are also coming, starting today and running through July 11th. Learn more on the Black Desert Mobile website.


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