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Beast of Winter DLC Coming on August 2nd

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Beast of Winter DLC Coming on August 2nd

If you've been missing your Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire crew and ship, you're in luck! The first DLC, Beast of Winter, will be heading to the high seas on August 2nd. According to a PCGamesN preview, developers have taken a more darkly comedic turn in Beast of Winter as players head into The Beyond, "a supernatural dimension filled with ancient things".

The DLC is a paid expansion, part of its Season Pass that includes three total DLC. It can also be purchased separately.

However, August 2nd will also bring new content to everyone in the form of the "Deck of Many Things", a new merchant ship with new items, bug fixes and QoL improvements. Lastly, Challenge Mode will be introduced that aims to "capture the feeling of early Dungeons & Dragons play and gives modifiers like killing off a character if they spend too long on the ground".

Read the full preview at the link above.


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