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Baldur's Gate 3 Previews New Druid Class Coming With Patch 4

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Baldur's Gate 3 Previews New Druid Class Coming With Patch 4

In a new video, the team at Larian Studios showcased the upcoming Druid class coming to Baldur's Gate 3's Early Acess when Patch 4 hits. The Druid will feature over 30 new spells and abilities in the game, as well as the ability to transform into quite a few different beasts to aid your party.

Unveiled during its second Panel from Hell livestreamBaldur's Gate 3 is getting its first class since launching in Steam Early Access last October. With the Druid, you'll experience new dialogue and voice-overs that fit it right alongside the current narrative, as well as some interesting tidbits for playing the new class. Additionally, Druids will be able to call upon eight Shapes to aid their party: Deep Rothe, Cat, Raven, Dire Wold, Spider, Abberrant, Polar Bear, and Badger.

Druids aren't the only thing coming with Patch 4, which Larian says will release "very soon (...when it's ready)." Also coming with Patch 4 are optional Loaded Dice to smooth out some of those RNG failures you might experience when the D20 Gods fail you. Additionally, cinematics have been improved, adding more polish to the overall experience. Multiplayer gets some extra functionality, with the ability to view other player's inventory, equipment, character sheet and inventory...as well as the ability to take anything from there. There won't be a lock function when the feature goes live, so make sure to instill the honor system in your next multiplayer game.

You can check out the full suite of announcements in today's panel, which is embedded below. Also, make sure to check out the Druid trailer in the embed above. Keep in mind as well, Larian have stated that the upcoming Patch 4 will invalidate save files, but are offering a solution to keep playing Patch 3's saves, which we previously reported on.


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