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Attack Helicopters Buzz Their Way Into War Thunder

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Attack Helicopters Buzz Their Way Into War Thunder

War Thunder has been updated with The Valkyries patch that brings combat helicopters into the game. Over a dozen aircraft from both the United States and Soviet Union have been added in this first pass at helicopters, with more to come in the future. Players will be able to participate "in combined arms battles with ground vehicles on all difficulty settings".

Vulnerable against attacks from anti-air vehicles as well as aircraft, helicopter pilots have to use their speed and maneuverability to evade incoming fire, use the environment to hide and learn to strike at the right moment. To research and play with helicopters, players can join the closed testing by completing special in-game tasks or through the purchase of a helicopter pack in the store. 

Other things included in The Valkyries:

  • new modern tanks and aircraft from a variety of nations
  • four new locations - American Desert, Vietnam, Mediterranean Port and Green Mountains Gulf

Learn more on the War Thunder site.


Suzie Ford

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