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ATLAS Mega Update 2 Trailer

Suzie Ford Posted:
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ATLAS Mega Update 2 Trailer

Atlas Mega Update #2 has landed on the game's official servers complete with a new boss in an icy lair, new islands to discover, new items, creatures and a bunch of quality of life additions as well.

New Quests

  • Into the Ice: When you have collected all the Power Stones, head deep into a Polar Ice Dungeon to discover what lies beneath...
  • Master Cartographer: And with a thundering swell, the heaving ocean rose and fell beckoning avid explorers to uncover her secrets. Get at least 40% of the ATLAS Discovery Zones

Skills and Feats

  • Feat: Instant Hotbar Equip, unlocked after completing "Master Cartographer" quest.
  • Feat: Harvest boost, unlocked after completing "Into the Ice" quest.

New Levels

  • Ice Dungeon: Traverse the depths of the new Ice Cave as you navigate foreboding chasms, expansive halls, and abandoned mines to reach the lair of the abomination which lies beneath awaiting your crew. Found in the polar region, the dungeon can only be entered if players have unlocked all the 9 power stones. 
  • New Islands: Multiple equatorial and polar islands added to the ATLAS!

Read the full update notes on the Atlas Steam page.


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