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Ashes of Creation Teases the Alpha 2 Desert Biome and Weapon Impact FX in New Trailers

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Ashes of Creation Teases the Alpha 2 Desert Biome and Weapon Impact FX in New Trailers

Intrepid Studios is building towards their release of Ashes of Creation’s Alpha 2 with two new trailers intended to get you hyped. The first trailer depicts the new Desert Biome in all its sandy and craggy glory, while the second trailer shows off the ground impact visual FX.

Intrepid Studios’ latest biome video is the exact opposite of their unreal engine 5 walkthrough video the team posted at the end of 2021. Whereas that video depicted the harsh, frozen tundra region, the lates video shows stony structures, sand laid paths, and some peculiar fauna that are meant to live in the harsh climate of the desert. Although there isn’t much in the way of combat, the video certainly sets the mood for that particular biome, and will undoubtedly get players hyped to explore the new region.

For those hoping to see some combat, however, you happen to be in luck! Intrepid also delivered a VFX video showing off some of ground impact FX they’ve worked on.

Aside from showcasing some simple swings and powerful skills, showing off some attack skills wouldn’t be complete without dispatching some monsters. When you show off ground impact effects it only stands to reason that the monsters you defeat are also completely made up of the ground, and that appears to be where the rock monsters come in. The combat and world seem to be shaping up nicely as the team heads into their next testing phase, Alpha 2. While there is no release date at this time, we expect an announcement very soon.

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