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Ashes of Creation Showcases The Mage Archetype In Alpha One Preview Blog

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Ashes of Creation Showcases The Mage Archetype In Alpha One Preview Blog

In a new blog post on the Ashes of Creation website, the team at Intrepid Studios has showcased the Mage Archetype to fans in its latest Alpha One preview.

The post bills the Mage as, as you'd expect, a magic weilder, capabale of acts like bending space, summoning light or even setting the "very air ablaze." The role of a Mage in Ashes looks to provide some solid AoEs, while supporting your party with focused attacks to down opponents. Attacks such as Black Hole look like they can act a bit as crowd control by summoning a void at a specific location to draw in enemies, and eventually exploding to deal damage to the foes trapped in its grips. Other attacks, such as Fireball and Lightining Bolt do damage directly to enemies, with the former adding Damage over Time and the latter, after being powered up, chains to additional enemies.

The Mage also gets skills that can drain enemy health for mana, as well as a Blink spell that can help it traverse long distances quickly. This preview follows the recent unveiling of the Cleric archetype, showcased in early November.

The team released a video (embedded above) showcasing the Mage in action, and while players are going to be going hands on in the current alpha rolling out to backers, that is under NDA unfortunately. However, it'll be interesting to see how the feedback of those testers shapes the Mage in future reveals as Ashes chugs ever closer to finally being a product in backers and consumer's hands.


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