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Ashes of Creation End Of Year Stream Reflects On 2022, Introduces New Devs And New Studio

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ashes of Creation End Of Year Stream Reflects On 2022, Introduces New Devs And New Studio

Ashes of Creation's latest stream is a special one, as the team at Intrepid took a look back on 2022, as well as introduced many of the new faces brought into work on the upcoming MMORPG. 

The stream, which was hosted in Intrepid's new studio, features interviews with many new additions to the development team over 2022, which has doubled in size over the last year. The new stream highlights some of the engineers working on the MMO, as well as the environment, Art, combat team, and more.

The stream looked back on the growth of not just the studio, but also the production quality of their streams, going from tours with a phone camera by Steven Sharif in previous videos to the production value they have now as the company has grown.  The studio is still being set up, with Director of Communications Margaret Krohn stating that there are still murals and more to hang up, but reminded backers that they will be getting an in-person tour of the studio in addition to a virtual one coming for the rest of us still to come.

The video is over an hour and a half long, but it really dives deep into the people working hard to create this much-anticipated MMORPG. Towards the end of the video, executive producer Bryan Langford promises that while 2022 was big, the growth the studio has seen isn't done yet and that they are going into 2023 "strong."

"It's really cool to just look back at what we accomplished this year in 2022 as a team, the growth of the studio has been huge, but it's not done yet. We're going strong into 2023."

Sharif concurred, stating that fans "haven't seen anything yet."

"You guys haven't seen anything yet. 2023 is going to be an unbelievable year for the studio, for the project. We have so much to show you. I know Margaret is just chomping at the bit to get in there to get all of this stuff to share with you guys. And I honestly just want to comment on the fact that this development that we have, this rapport that we've built with you guys as a community and the safety we feel in sharing works and progress wth you, sharing the development along its lifespan of development with each of you out there is very important and near and dear to our hearts."


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