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Around the Verse - Los Angeles Studio Update

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Around the Verse - Los Angeles Studio Update

The star of this week's Star Citizen: Around the Verse is the Los Angeles studio. The LA studio is packed with a ton of teams focused on different aspects of the game.

Here's what the team has been working on:

  • the Cyclone vehicle is in progress with animations underway
  • the Anvil Hurricane is entering its final art stage 
  • Consolidated Outland is also in its final art stage
  • tools to speed up and simplify design processes have been released
  • loadout support to allow teams around the world to complete their animation work
  • persistent universe work in both SC and S42 including face scans, raw scans, artist passes have been completed
  • uniforms, armors and clothes are being added
  • legacy armor sets are in progress
  • NPC art
  • character customization feature is working on the base implementation
  • alien rigging and animation
  • free camera mode is being tweaked to make it more robust according to community feedback
  • ship optimizations

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