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Around the Verse - Grotto You Waiting For?

MMORPG.com Staff Posted:
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Around the Verse - Grotto You Waiting For?

Sandi Gardiner and Chris Roberts are back with the latest edition of Star Citizen: Around the Verse where they check in with developers about the game's progress. In this vlog, the discussion centers on "the hostages on Daymar, extra deadly Scramble Races and progress on Hurston's moons and wilderness".  In addition, there are some new props for Squadron 42.

The discussion begins with a roundup of how players have been up to during the most recent test and moves on to more development-related topics including the amazing new graphics added to moons and the planet Hurston.

It's another great look at the most recent development happenings. Check it out and leave us your thoughts in the comments. 


MMORPG.com Staff