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ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launches on Steam

Suzie Ford Posted:
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ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Launches on Steam

The ARK: Survival Evolved story began on Earth and with the launch of the Extinction expansion, adventurers return to where they began. Extinction brings a new map, one that features a ruined planet infested with "Element-corrupted creatures". 

Key features of Extinction include:

  • tame mutated beasts necessary to stay alive
  • battle and tame Titan bosses
  • fight for Earth's future
  • Gasbags allow players to launch into the air and travel forward
  • flying Snow Owl turns enemies into "icy statues"
  • Cryopods allow players to shrink and store dinosaurs that can be deployed during battle
  • aerial item balloons transport items back to base
  • Tek Bridges can be deployed at will when needed
  • new items and weapons
  • find Orbital Supply Drops that bring team-based defense challenges
  • Abandoned Metropolis map
  • build and pilot Meks

The expansion is a standalone piece of content that is part of the Explorer's Edition or it can be purchased for $19.99.

Learn more in the trailer or by heading to the ARK: Survival Evolved Steam page.


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