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Anarchy Online Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary With A New Retrospective Video

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Anarchy Online Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary With A New Retrospective Video

Anarchy Online is celebrating 20 years on June 27th, and the team at Funcom is looking back on the last two decades of the game in a new retrospective video

Funcom is keeping Anarchy Online running after 20 years, and the video sees many of the original game devs, as well as Funcom's CEO Rui Casais talk about the MMO and its legacy. Some of the former devs include Anarchy's former Game Director Craig Morrison as well as former world designer Viljar Sommerbakk. 

Via the press release this morning:

"The development of Anarchy Online started in 1995, just two years after Funcom was founded in a dank cellar in Munkedamsveien in Oslo. More than 70 developers were eventually involved in the development of a game which would make or break the entire company. It was a highly risky affair, especially since no one had really created anything like this ever before."

Anarchy Online went, well, online in 2001, and was the first sci-fi MMORPG to launch in the industry. The game itself also saw many firsts as well, with in-game concerts, billboard advertising in-game and was, according to Funcom, the first game to be available via online digital distribution.

The video itself is about 12 minutes long, an definitely worth checking out if you're interested in the history of one of the industry's long-running MMOs. If you're interested in checking out the MMO, it is available for free from the official website.


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