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Amazon's New World Shows Off Armor Sets Via In-Game Fashion Show

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Amazon's New World Shows Off Armor Sets Via In-Game Fashion Show

If you had New World hosting a fashion show on your 2021 Games Industry Bingo Card, you can mark that bubble off right now. Amazon is ramping up its PR ahead of New World's launch in August, this time showing off some of the armor you can earn in game.

The short video posted to the official Twitter (as well as YouTube) today shows off multiple different armor sets available to players in New World. The video, which is positioned like a fashion show, sees NPC "models" walk the runway, showing off the different styles themselves with an upbeat commentator telling the people at home what they are seeing.

The different styles on display include some showing off the Corrupted (with a "one of a kind animal skull belt buckle"), or the latest Invasion style armor (modeled beautifully by this year's winner of Windsward's Next Top Model, apparently). It's a interesting mix of armor styles to show off, including some styles inspired directly by the world and enemies players will be confronting during their journey in New World.

The Twitter post and YouTube description both stress that every bit of armor on display can be earned while playing in-game, though stops short of saying whether these will also be on the controversial in-game store. We know there will be a cash shop in New World, and the team has stressed that while boosters and convenience items could be coming down the road, the shop at launch will feature only cosmetic items to start.

New World is gearing up for its launch on August 31st, though many players will be able to effectively get a head start thanks to the beta coming on July 20th. 


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