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Alpha Zero - Dunheim Dungeon Lore

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Alpha Zero - Dunheim Dungeon Lore

For those of you who love to know the background lore in your MMO, Intrepid Studios has you covered when it comes to Ashes of Creation. The team released a new preview video of a dungeon called Dunheim, as well as a lore piece on the official site. Dilla's Diary reveals the story behind the dungeon and comes packed with concept art that is then seen in the video taken from the currently ongoing pre-alpha version of Ashes of Creation.

It didn’t take long for things to change in Dünheim.  Families that I had grown up with, began to move away from the city in the heart of the Mountain.  Travelers became less common, and temple services were filled every day with new converts seeking answers about the Harbingers and what they meant.  My mother wanted to leave the city as well, but my father wouldn’t hear it. His auction house is what kept food on the table, and my brothers were both in the Council Guard.  There was no way my father was going to be seen leaving the mountain. Honor and respect meant more than life itself, and my father had great pride in my brothers.  Despite my mother’s persistence to leave the city, we stayed.

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