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Albion Online Talks Upcoming Faction Warfare Changes In New DevTalk Video

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Albion Online Talks Upcoming Faction Warfare Changes In New DevTalk Video

With the Call to Arms update coming soon for Albion Online, Game Director Robin Henkys took to YouTube to discuss the upcoming changes to Faction Warfare.

The Faction Warfare system isn't anything new, per se, rather it's seeing a rework to be more accessible and inclusive to players who want to check out the system. 

From the DevTalk blog post detailing the upcoming changes:

As many of you know, Faction Warfare has been in the game for quite a while now. In this system players can sign up for one City Faction and go fight on behalf of their city against enemy Faction NPC and players. They can capture Outposts and earn Faction Points to spend on Faction rewards.

Key goals of the rework:

  • Accessible and inclusive for all players on the Royal Continent
  • Meaningful incentives for loyalty to a city
  • Exciting large-scale battles that are easy to join and reward participation
  • Supporting existing Faction Warfare players and ensuring their current full-loot system is continued and improved

As such, changes such as making blue and yellow regions non-lethal to help encourage new players to join without fear of losing gear, or ensuring that the playing field is set up to support large-scale battles are coming with the update. Additionally, players will still get Faction Points to spend in their stores when participating, and these points will be awarded by capturing Outposts as well as whole zones. Albion players will also be rewarded for their defensive abilities as well, such as generating more points the longer a region is held.

You can check out the full post detailing the coming changes for Faction Warfare with the Call to Arms update in Albion Online here. Also, be sure to check out the video in the embed above.


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