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Albion Online Previews Its Upcoming Lands Awakened Update, Coming November 24th

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Albion Online Previews Its Upcoming Lands Awakened Update, Coming November 24th

Lands Awakened is slated to hit Albion Online this November 24th, and the team took to the game's website to break down what players can expect from the open-world sandbox MMO.

Lands Awakened "improves and expands nearly every aspect of Albion's open world," according to today's devblog. This means players will see retooled dungeons, improved visuals, updated terrains and layouts and much more. Additionally, War Gloves arrive on the scene as Albion Online's first new weapon line since the MMO launched in 2017. 

"War Gloves, Albion's first completely new weapon line since launch, bring fast, brawler-style gameplay that also includes unique mobility and ranged options. Elite Combat Levels offer an advanced mastery option for those with enough dedication to a single weapon, offhand, or armor line, and the overall Fame progression for combat, gathering, crafting, and farming has been boosted significantly, allowing players to progress through Elite Levels more quickly."

Albion Online's Lands Awakened update will also see improvements made to the guild warfare and open-world PvP systems - two driving forces for many Albion players who make the MMO their virtual home. As such, the MMO is bringing new PvP objectives to players, which will "reward exploration, spontaneity, and boldness." Guild Warfare is getting into the action as well, with the Conqueror's Challenge being open to all players, meaning every guild member can feel and actively contribute to the overall guild's success in Albion

According to the developers, Lands Awakened "sees a complete re-envisioning of open world PvE," which will see new powerful versions of mobs spawn throughout the world that get more powerful the longer the remain alive. In turn, killing these mobs will net you more loot and Fame in the long run. Open-world dungeons are also being "reworked and expanded" to include multiple avenues to enter them, as well as new events that bring in new rewards.

You can check out the full details of the Lands Awakened update on the Albion Online website. 


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