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Albion Online Details Roads of Avalon Update In New Developer Blog

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Albion Online Details Roads of Avalon Update In New Developer Blog

Albion Online is back talking about its upcoming Roads of Avalon update with a new Devtalk post on the official site, as well as a video detailing update.

Roads of Avalon is part of the Rise of Avalon update which will hit Albion Online next month, with Roads of Avalon described as a system to expand Albion Online's world with new ways to travel, explore and more. This most recent video details some of the specific roads players will encounter on their journey. 

Players will notice that there are paths aside from the Roads themselves, called the Wilderness of Avalon. These paths can be used a shortcuts to avoid encounters on the main roads, or also in exploration. 

Resource sites are locations with "high conentration of resources as well as elemental spirits guarding them." These sites can have Veteran and Elite versions, unlike the standard open world, and as such they will net you more material should you take one on.

Another path are the Avalonian Camps, guarded by, well, Avalonians and constructs. These camps house artifacts and treasure from deserted ruins whch players can attempt to claim. Camps also have tiers meant for either soloing or groups.

You can check out the full post detailing the upcoming Roads of Avalon system on the official Albion Online website. Additionally, make sure to check out the video showcasing the new additions, embedded above. 


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