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Albion Devs Talk Season 11 Changes - Overhauls and Balancing Galore

Albion and the Legend of the 20v20 Crystal League

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Albion Devs Talk Season 11 Changes - Overhauls and Balancing Galore

Albion Online has released a video that outlines, in great detail, the changes coming in Season 11 which includes a complete overhaul to the World Boss Raid Zones and introduces the 20v20 Crystal League. That isn’t all that players can look forward to in Season 11 either, as combat balancing is also on the agenda.

In a subsequent Devtalk post that follows a lot of what the video covers, information is outlined with specific bullet points of what fans can expect from each new feature. Here is a short list of what the post covers, but interested adventurers will undoubtedly want to read more on the official site.

  • 20v20 Crystal League: This Season introduces the 20v20 Crystal League,allowing all players to join fair and exciting 20v20 battles.
  • Crystal League Point Limit: A daily limit is imposed for season points in crystal league so that it does not dominate the entire season’s activities.
  • World Boss Raid Zones: To add high-value open world objectives, we have overhauled World Boss Raid Zones, starting with World Boss Spawns occur every hour.
  • Castles: With Season 11, Castle and Castle Outpost timers will be the same for all clusters in the game. This means treasure spawning and scoring now occur independently of the cluster prime time.
  • Skip Overcrowded Clusters: Players can skip overcrowded clusters and find new battles instead of waiting outside as a potential backup.
  • Combat Balancing: Combat balancing will include a new axe ability, buffs for axes, spears, and staves, and other adjustments.

Albion Online recently reminded us of their multi-account rules, and released some changes to dungeon mobs. Definitely check those out if Albion Online is in your pool of interests.


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