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Albion Devs Talk Hideouts in Latest Video

Hideout in Avalon

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Albion Devs Talk Hideouts in Latest Video

In the third part of an ongoing Dev Talk featuring the Roads of Avalon in Albion Online, Hideouts are the main topic of conversation. Game Director Robin Henkys goes into detail on all manner of topics, such as how you come to place a Hideout, and the challenges of living in Avalon.

Over the past month Sandbox Interactive has released a number of videos, three in fact, detailing the Roads of Avalon in Albion Online. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Roads of Avalon series, which touched both on what they are, the travel and transport in the roads, and what you may encounter outside of the roads network. In the last video of the series, Robin takes us through what it takes to live within the Roads of Avalon:

A short synopsis of some of the challenges you may encounter when living in Avalon are below:

  • Limited resources and PvE content - Players will have to explore the surrounding Roads to find gateways to the open world to bring in resources and gear, or to export goods they produce with the crafting bonuses of their Avalon Hideout. Each Avalon Wilderness region has its own unique set of crafting bonuses, and while none of them outcompete the deep Outlands, they can still be very attractive for crafters.
  • Limited capacity and shifting nature of Avalonian gateways - If your guild has too many members, you will be competing for the capacity of the gateways, and if your players are not careful, you may get stranded somewhere in Avalon with no easy way back to your Hideout.
  • Lack of territories for Season Point generation - While you can of course still compete in the Crystal League, complete the Guild challenge, and raid territory mages from your Hideout, you will find it hard to claim and hold territories. That may be a good thing, however, as it means your Avalon Hideout is not likely to become a target of guilds competing for power in the Outlands.

For more information, or just a brief summary of everything Robin chats about, you can check the full release of information on their official website.


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