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AION Europe Receives Update 8.0, Raises Level Cap and Brings New Legendary Transformation

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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AION Europe Receives Update 8.0,  Raises Level Cap and Brings New Legendary Transformation

AION European players can gear up for Update 8.0 launching today bringing about an increased level cap, new legendary transformation, and more.

This update 8.0 raises level to 85 alongside introducing numerous new features, items, enemies, and areas. If you’re a European AION player, you be able to experience new challenges and and various in-game events.

Once you hit level 81, you can find the new battlefield in Inggison and Gelkmaros. To see victoroy, you’ll need to control the majority of the 13 areas, complete quests, and raise the reputation of your faction. You can also check out the “Heart of Aphsaranta” where completion sees you rewarded with high-quality item rewards such as the new “Ultimate Fighting Spirit” equipment.

The update also brings new legendary transformation and new equipment like powerful Apsu’s Illusion equipment. Remember, the world boss Adad drops special parts with increased stats for each class.

In addition to the new 85 level cap, AION’s update 8.0 brings new skills with the Daevanion skill features. You can also increase your stats with the Relic of Time, combine various passive skills for your weapons and armor with the Oath system, and check out mount cube.

This European release for update 8.0 is amidst the 12th anniversary celebrations which we reported on earlier.This update follows the release of AION Classic back in June. You can check out those details here.


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