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ACE Q&A for February: Laying the Foundation

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ACE Q&A for February: Laying the Foundation

Lead Designer Thomas Blair is joined this month by Creative Director J Todd Coleman to answer questions in another monthly ACE Q&A video. They touch on the workflow of new systems and how laying the foundation for future systems will benefit and accelerate Crowfall's development.

  • Can we turn down spell effects?
  • How to stealth and perception work?
  • Will there be enhancements to the AI system?
  • Who will set the Thrall guard rules, shops, and crafting station access in Faction Campaigns?
  • Which Race/Class skills are in each skill tree? - Can sprint be turned on in the stealth tray?
  • Can a trade chest be added as a craftable object?
  • Can we have lockable chests?
  • How are vendors coming? Will they use gold?
  • Will game sounds be modified/scaled back?
  • What work are you doing on death and respawn?

Learn more on the Crowfall site.


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