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A3: Still Alive Receiving Fortress Battles

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A3: Still Alive Receiving Fortress Battles

Fortress battles are arriving on A3: Still Alive which are described as weekly battles between three 50-player guilds.

This new mode starts every Saturday starting August 28. It can involve three 50-player guilds for a maximum of 150 players per battle. During this mode, two guilds will attack a fortress, with the third guild defending against this invasion.

The Weapon/Equipment Mythical Awakening system will let you prep for this new mode. This means Legendary-Set Equipment over Level 180 can be upgraded to Mythical-Set equipment. Completing the entire set will unlock all-new set substats.

There’s also a new personal dungeon event, live now, called Rat Thief Nest. You’ll be tasked with defeating rats and the final boss, Rat Thief Captain: Ratting. You’ll earn items used at various difficulties including items used for awakening Soul Linkers up to the Mystic level.

There’s also a To the Ballroom Exchange Event which is live now through September 9. You’ll earn Ball Invitations and Bouquets by completing Fortress Battle, Tower of Greed, and other modes. You can then exchange these items for rewards including Sweet Ballroom Weapon/Equipment Exchange Tickets.

Back in June, A3 Still Alive received a new artifact system which allows you to equip items onto your Shu in order to gain combat strength. The game also received the Scholar class back in April as part of a new update.


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