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A Fifth Anniversary Retrospective - 18M Players, 13 Modules & More

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A Fifth Anniversary Retrospective - 18M Players, 13 Modules & More

Neverwinter is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a brand new retrospective trailer and the news that over 18 million players have taken part over the years while developers have released thirteen content-packed modules.

“Cryptic Studios has spent the last half-decade crafting a uniquely action-packed role-playing experience that has resonated with both tabletop and video gaming fans,” said Stephen D’Angelo, CEO of Cryptic Studios. “Working with Wizards of the Coast to bring the Forgotten Realms to life has been a dream for many of us. Watching the game grow beyond what we imagined with so much support from our players has been incredible. I’d like to thank the team and our community for making Neverwinter what it is today. Here’s to the first five and many more!”

Players can head into the game to take part in the ongoing Protector's Jubilee from today through June 23rd.

Check out a nifty infographic for Neverwinter by the Numbers or head straight to the Neverwinter site to learn more.


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