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5.5 Milestone Overview - Playable Female Centaurs!

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5.5 Milestone Overview - Playable Female Centaurs!

Art Craft has pushed out another fantastic video this week, this time focused on several key milestones in the development of Crowfall. Most notably, players will now find playable female centaurs, a new map called "Wrath" that's packed with zombies, spiders and minibosses, the addition of the new death / resurrection mechanics, player-controlled vendors and more.

“Exploration” was our focus for the Pre-Alpha 5.5 milestone, and we’ve added Adventure Zones to ratchet up the danger and excitement on the new Wrath map.

Of course, nothing is as exciting as fighting other players, so expect lots of PVP action in the faction war campaigns.

The Pre-Alpha 1 through Beta 3 test groups are encouraged to log onto the LIVE servers and keep an eye on the in-game Global chat channel for announcements about concentrating on single servers and specific areas. You’ll often be playing with and against members of the Crowfall® dev team as we gather data related to scalability. This is very important to ensure fun, speed and stability for players, so we need as many Crows as we can get piling onto the servers.

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