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5 Mobile MMORPGs Actually Worth Playing | The Short List

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5 Mobile MMORPGs Actually Worth Playing | The Short List

Mobile App Stores are saturated with so many MMORPG’s these days that it’s hard to find those that stand out, to others that are just clones of one another. Here’s a short list of 5 Mobile MMORPGs that are actually worth your time.

Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is pretty much the best of the best when it comes to mobile MMOs. Pearl Abyss works hard at bringing new content to the game at a steady pace. With 21 classes, most with divergent paths, a camp system, crafting and gathering, a pet and mount system and much more, Black Desert Mobile really has a lot to offer for mobile gamers.

Pearl Abyss’ cash shop is also full of pay to progress and some rare items that could certainly be considered on the more pay to win side of the spectrum, but Pearl Abyss is very generous with events that award players with everything they need to progress their class. A lot of fantasy mobile MMORPGs may feel similar to the way Black Desert Mobile plays, but few have the depth, class options, and continuous content, all of which sets Black Desert Mobile in a mobile MMORPG class of its own.  

Albion Online

Albion Online has really come into its own over the past few years. With the latest update, Lands Awakened, the team at Sandbox Interactive has overhauled the open world, and reworked quite a bit. Even prior to the update Albion Online was a game that had a fantastic player-centric economy and a complex skill system. There’s so much to do in Albion’s expansive world is it possible to get it all done?

Maybe, because Albion Online can be played on both PC and mobile! If you’ve already been playing Albion Online on your PC, you can now take it with you wherever you go. The in-game store provides plenty of cosmetics, a way to purchase in game currency, and a subscription that will help you progress faster. Still, Albion Online’s cash shop is one of the best you’ll find on mobile. If you’re hesitant to try a mobile MMORPG because you’re afraid it won’t have the same kind of depth as a PC MMO, here’s your chance.

Marvel Future Revolution

Marvel Future Revolution is the newest game on the list, as it recently just released. In just a few short months, Netmarble has added a companion system, new bosses, and they’ve expanded the story into completely new realms. A new character, Magik, has also been added, which is one of the many fan favorite X-Men characters marvel fans have come to love. That is where Marvel Future Revolution truly shines.

The exceptional earth-converging storyline and iconic Marvel characters are the main reason to pick up this title, although, the combat system is a step above most mobile MMOs, as bosses have very distinct patterns that require players to actually pay attention. Auto-play won’t win every bout. That being said, the monetization is some of the worst you’ll find in a Mobile game, but with enough determination, anyone can level up their character to complete every challenge, given enough time.  If you’re a super hero fan, there really isn’t any other choice than Marvel Future Revolution.

Sky: The Children of the Light

Sky: The Children of the Light, is unlike any MMO you’ve ever played before. Most MMO’s focus primarily on combat, and when you play enough of them, they all seem to blend together. In Sky, you won’t be fighting, but instead, you will travel through many different realms, and team up with other players to find spirits and return them to stars.

Players will be able to team up together to help each other find spirits and uncover secrets, as you level up your expressions, and unlock new cosmetics along the way. Sky is as much an auditory experience as a visual one. The serene, calming music and lighthearted game mechanics will ensure that every player will have a stress-free social experience. The cash shop provides a seasonal pass and an in-game currency that can be used to help you level and unlock things along the way. If you are looking for an extremely different kind of online game than you’ve played before, Sky: Children of the Light is well worth a try. Sky is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

CyberCode Online

Are you an old school gamer? I mean really old school? If you’re the kind of gamer that used to play ASCII multi user dungeons, then CyberCode Online might just be the MMORPG for you. The indie MMORPG built by Dexter Huang has just about everything you would want in an MMORPG, including crafting, dungeons, an auction house, and grouping, but in a lightweight text-based game.

The combat is simplistic, allowing players to attack with a simple weapon tap. As you level and craft or buy your gear, you’ll be able to join dungeons with other players, and grow stronger in a cyberpunk-themed world. Even though the in-game currency states it’s bitcoin (it isn’t real bitcoin, it’s just the name of the in game currency) there is a real cash shop, where you can buy a monthly subscription, which grants you some cosmetics, like an animated nameplate, new titles, and profile picture customization. If you’re tired of bulky MMORPGs just taking space up on your mobile device, check out CyberCode online, and relive the glory days of text-based gaming.

Did you enjoy our short list? Are there some mobile games you’re playing that you think should have been added? Hop into the comments and let us know.


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