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5 Indie MMOs You Should Try in 2022 | The Short List

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5 Indie MMOs You Should Try in 2022 | The Short List

Indie games have come a long way over the past decade. Many independent studios are filled with passionate team members that are determined to see their projects through. This year, several indie studios have expressed a desire to finally launch their MMORPGs. If you've been wondering what MMOs you have to look forward to this year, look no further, we’ve put together a short list of 5 unique indie MMORPGs that you'll want to follow in 2022.

Embers Adrift

If you’re a sandbox MMORPG fan, that isn't afraid of grouping up with your fellow players, then Embers Adrift should be one of the top indie titles on your list. Embers Adrift will have some PvP encounters, but this medieval fantasy game has set their sites on PvE gameplay, with intense challenges that are meant to bring players together. Immersion is extremely important to Stormhaven Studios, which has led to the removal of some of the quality of life features that other games deem necessary, such as a mini-map. Embers Adrift isn't big on hand holding, but luckily, for players hoping to find a new adventure, Stormhaven hopes you’ll find it here.

Embers Adrift has increased their testing frequency, where players can now hop in and help the developers test the game every weekend, as well as Wednesday evenings. If you’re looking to jump into a new PvE focused Sandbox game,  it might just be Embers Adrift  and if Stormhaven has their way, the game will release later this year.

Fractured Online

Fractured Online is another medieval fantasy game, but the developers at Dynamight Studios have deemed it a dynamic MMO, where players will be able to focus on competitive or cooperative play, and define their destiny. The world of Fractured Online will be interactive and will change continuously as you play. The action combat gameplay will require that players aim and dodge, with more than 400 abilities to master. Players will defeat their foes through knowledge and skill instead of simply gaining levels and gear. Fractured is shaping up to be an exciting game for fans of ARPGs. 

Fractured has also signed a deal with Gamigo to publish the game, with a release date planned for late 2022. 24/7 testing is set to begin within the first quarter of 2022, and players that want to help test the game can purchase a founders pack from Fractured's website to gain access to the next phase.  Whether you choose to join in on testing, or wait for a full release, ARPG fans might want to put this one on their radar this year.

The Day Before

The Day Before by Fntastic not only looks great, but the premise and story of the game is something that we are all a little familiar with. The Day Before is set in post-pandemic America, where players will have to fight off zombie-like enemies and other scavengers in this open world survival MMO. Over the past few years of a pandemic, some of us may feel like zombies, but luckily The Day Before and its modern day setting will employ a variety of weapons, vehicles, and locales that will be a nice change of pace from the sword and shield fantasy MMOs many of us have played before.

The world and visuals of The Day Before are certainly breathtaking, and if the gameplay videos are any indication, banding together for your survival with other players will be a ton of fun. If survival games are your thing, and you’ve been itching to get into a survival MMO, The Day Before needs to be on your must play list. Fntastic expects the game to release in June of 2022, so there is no time like the present to get hyped.

Mad World: Age of Darkness

Mad World: Age of Darkness, is an isometric, dark fantasy game, that uses its unique hand drawn art style to entice you, before Jandisoft drops the hammer by sending wave after wave of demonic baddies after you in this ARPG style MMORPG.  The frantic battle system should certainly be enough to pique your interest, but the classless weapon-based system and extensive skill trees that let you distinguish yourself from other players will undoubtedly tempt ARPG fans and theorycrafters further. Mad World Age of Darkness is a platform-free game that runs on HTML5, which means that you can play it on any platform with a web browser!

Jandisoft expects Mad World: Age of Darkness to release in the summer of 2022. Currently, you can sign up on Mad Worlds website for the next testing phase. There is no cost to participate in the next alpha phase, so if you're looking for an off-beat, stylized action RPG, you should certainly give Mad World: Age of Darkness a try.

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City is not just any indie MMORPG, it’s a Virtual Reality indie MMORPG! In this anime-inspired action MMORPG, players will be able to swing their weapons, glide around a vast, beautiful open world, and crank their immersion level to the max through their virtual reality headset. Whether you want to sling spells, or slice and dice monsters, Zenith's engaging combat system will put you face-first into the action. You'll also be able to craft, quest, level up and earn epic loot.

Zenith is available on multiple VR platforms and works with your Oculus, Steam VR, or Playstation VR headsets. If you’ve been waiting for a new virtual reality experience, you’ll want to hop in to Zenith: The Last City when it releases, January 27th, 2022.

This short list is just a few of our picks out of the many interesting indie MMOs in development right now. What are your thoughts on our list? Do you have a list of your own indie MMORPGs that you’re following? Let us know in the comments. If you want the whole scoop on what your favorite indie MMORPGs are up to, or if you just want to stay in the know about indie MMOs, check out our Indie MMO Spotlight every Sunday on MMORPG.com.


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