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4X RTS Dune: Spice Wars Show Off New Gameplay With New Trailer, Early Access Coming This Spring

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4X RTS Dune: Spice Wars Show Off New Gameplay With New Trailer, Early Access Coming This Spring

Funcom showed off a new and extended look at the upcoming 4X RTS game, Dune: Spice Wars with a new trailer. The new video shows off unit management, combat and much more. 

Set on Arrakis, the video gives players a new look at how gameplay looks in the upcoming RTS set in the iconic Dune universe. Players will lead one of the great factions on Arrakis, such as House Atreides, and lead their faction to control the most precious resource in the universe: the Spice. 

The trailer shows a glimpse at base building, as well as recruiting (or forcing into submission as the narrator puts it) local tribes to aid you in searching for the Spice. From there players will need to set up harvesting operations, all the while fighting off attempts from rival factions also looking to capitalize and Spice trade. 

Visually, the sands of Arrakis pop, and while the camera never really zooms in to get a close look at the regular units on the ground, the whole presentation looks sufficiently detailed. Combat was also shown, with groups of infantry and aerial units attacking a Spice harvester, the two sides clashing over the valuable resource.

However, the trailer ends with a familiar sight players should get used to in Dune: Spice Wars: the giant Sandworms that stalk Arrakis' deserts.

Dune: Spice Wars was originally unveiled during last year's Game Awards, coming from Funcom and Shiro Games. Releasing as a PC Early Access title, Shiro Games also announced alongside the trailer that players will be able to go hands on in Spice Wars as early as this Spring, with updates such as multiplayer, faction additions and the campaign to come following Early Access' launch. While no exact date has been given, the RTS will hit Steam's early access sometime this Spring for players to check out.

This isn't the only Dune title that Funcom has in development, as the company is also working on an open-world survival game set in the same universe.


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