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Vendetta Online Articles

iPad Release Coming April 17th

Guild Software has announced that the iPad version of Vendetta Online will be released on iTunes on April 17th. Players will be able to take advantage of the full game on their iPad in both single- and multi-player formats.

Free to Play Tier Added

The Vendetta Online Kickstarter page has been updated with a new post that indicates the team is behind embracing a free to play tier of gameplay once launch arrives. In addition, VO is nearly 50% funded with just over forty-eight hours to go.

Greenlight Campaign Launches

The Vendetta Online campaign to be included in the Steam catalog of games has officially launched via Greenlight. According to the dev team, Vendetta Online is a great fit for Steam given its native Windows, Mac and Linux abilities.

New Videos Spotlight Features

Vendetta Online developers have released a pair of new videos to shine the spotlight on several game features. In the first, the team lays out plans to expand the "Dynamic Warfare" feature. The second covers the team's intention to update the graphic to give players a more immersive experience in game.

The Universe Goes Mobile

Vendetta Online has a magnificent history that stretches way back in internet history to the 90s. We managed to corral CEO, Founder & Lead Designer John Bergman to talk about what's coming up next. See what he had to say before leaping into the discussion in the comments.

Headed to iPad with Your Help

The Vendetta Online team has big plans to bring the game to iPad in its quest to become the multi-platform space title people turn to. A Kickstarter program has been launched to help make that dream come true.

Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

The Vendetta Online team is ramping up the celebratory feeling as the game approaches its tenth anniversary. No specific plans have been revealed for the multi-platform twitch-based space combat game.

Now on Android

GuildSoftware has announced that Vendetta Online is now out and available for Android devices. Vendetta Online can be picked up in the Android Marketplace or via any other app store specific to Droids.

New Content, Weapons and More

Guild Software has let us know that Vendetta Online has been updated with a new user-created mission as well as a dev-created mission. In addition, the patch includes new weapons and several bug fixes. Vendetta Online is available for Android devices, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Released to Android Market

Guild Software has announced that Vendetta Online is now playable on Android mobile devices and is available in the Marketplace. Currently, the game is available only for Tegra-based tablets but devs indicated that smaller device compatibility is being worked on for a later release.

Extended 14 Day Trial Keys!

Join us for a two-week extended cruise around the galaxy of Vendetta Online, the space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac and Linux! A truly realtime "twitch" combat model brings the rush of space battles large and small. Extensive trading, mining, bounty hunting, station conquest and other features fill out the gameplay, helping to drive the continual sporadic warfare through resource conflict.

21 Day Free Trial!

MMORPG.com and Guild Software are pleased to present this very special trial offer for Vendetta Online - the sci-fi space MMORPG! These trial keys will give you 21 days of unlimited access to the game world! Get your key while supplies last!

HD Game Trailer a First at Apple.com

Guild Software is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Vendetta Online with the release of a new trailer! This latest trailer is being featured over at Apple.com and has the distinct honor of being the first game trailer available in HD over at the site.

Points of Interest

MMORPG.com Vendetta Online Correspondent Adam Eldridge writes this look at some of the game's points of interest.

Points of Interest

MMORPG.com Vendetta Online Correspondent Adam Eldridge writes this look at some of the game's points of interest.