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Valorant Articles

Valorant Patch 2.02 Brings Changes to Running Shooting Accuracy

The latest patch for Valorant is out, and it brings about several changes to shooting accuracy while running.

Riot Talks Running+Shooting Accuracy in Valorant

In a new Ask Valorant, Riot takes up a few of your questions, including one involving running and shooting.

Valorant Patch 2.01 Brings Major Changes to Split Map

The latest Valorant patch is live and brings about a bunch of major changes to the Split map.

Valorant Episode 2 Patch Notes Are Here

Episode 2 has arrived for Valorant and we finally have patch notes to go along with the update.

Valorant Episode 2 and New Agent Yoru Launch Today

Episode 2 of Valorant launches today along with the newest agent, Yoru.

Valorant's Icebox Map Receives First Overhaul

Riot has released patch notes for Valorant's 1.14 which sees an overhaul for the Icebox map.

Riot Discusses How They'll Handle AFK/Throwers in Valorant

Riot has released a new Ask Valorant featuring the community's questions on blocking, AFKers, and more.

Riot Responds to Community Concern Over Valorant's Framerate and Performance

Riot has taken to Reddit to answer the community's concern regarding performance in Valorant.

Valorant Patch 1.12 Updates Observer Mode

Valorant's latest patch, patch 1.12, may not be as massive at patch 1.11, but it does bring some updates to the Observer mode and additional bug fixes.

Valorant Releases Details on New Agent - Skye - Headed to the Game October 27th

The latest tweet on the official Valorant twitter account has provided details, including an announcement video, of their new character, Skye. Skye will provide much needed support to her allies, and looks to be a welcome addition.

These Are The Competitive Changes Coming to Valorant Act III

Competitive changes are inbound for Act III of Valorant. Here are the planned list of changes arriving on October 27.

Valorant Patch 1.09 Nerfs Operator

The most recent patch for Valorant, Patch 1.09, finally nerfs the pesky Operator.

VALORANT Patch 1.07 Buffs Breach, Nerfs Sage and Killjoy

If you're a fan of Valorant's Sage or Killjoy, well, you may not like Patch 1.07.

VALORANT - Act II Launching August 4th Adding Deathmatch, Battlepass, New Character

Riot Games has announced that VALORANT will release Act II tomorrow, August 4th, which will bring a new Battlepass, a new Deathmatch mode, and a new agent to play. The Battlepass will cost 1000 VP and contain its own unique unlockables.

Here Is Valorant's Newest Agent, Killjoy, And Her Abilities

Killjoy is the newest agent in Valorant, arriving in Act 2