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    Action RPG
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    Endlessfluff Games
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Valdis Story - Abyssal City Overview

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a single player, sidescrolling action game.The game features a mix of gameplay taking from RPG, action games, and platformers. Players take on the role of one of two playable characters in a journey that will take one down into an abandoned lost holy city. Valdis, a goddess, was killed by her own daughter, and ever since there has been war. The younger goddess is locked in an ongoing battle with her twin sister that rips at humans and commands them to choose sides. It's up to you to investigate and battle both demons and angels in a quest to beat back the threat. FEATURES
  • Choose your Player | Choose from two playable characters, with promises of more to come.
  • Varied Combat | Combat is a mix of both sword and sorcery, which you'll use to fight supernatural beings and a new threat, the "Ferals".
  • Gear Up! | Accessories will give significant advantages or even hinder you. Both weapons and armor will be upgradeable and allow you to customize your style.
  • Gamepad Support | Play with a pad.
Stylish Action Platforming

Sometimes though, just sometimes, a game is funded on Kickstarter, releases to critical acclaim, and meets or exceeds all expectations – Valdis Story: Abyssal City seems to fall into that third category. While it is far from a perfect game, this charming indie delight delivers a consistent level of action, adventure, and RPG depth to keep you playing throughout the 10+ Metroidvania romp, with plenty left over content for subsequent attempts.