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Vainglory Articles

Vainglory Launches On Steam with Full Cross-Platform Compatibility

Vainglory has officially launched on Steam with full cross-platform compatibility between PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Players can create teams irrespective of platform thanks to the "proprietary E.V.I.L. cross platform engine". Vainglory is a free-to-play MOBA with 48 heroes, each with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Vainglory Enters Alpha on PC and Mac, Full Cross-Platform Support Included

Vainglory has been on mobile platforms for quite awhile, but has only now become available for PC and Mac thanks to the launch of the MOBA alpha. "Vainglory is a cross platform MOBA with the strategic depth and mechanical skill you'd expect from a PC title, but playable with your friends anywhere on any device." The video gives a peek into Vainglory's unique features.

New Update & Unified Summer Season Championship Announced

Vainglory fans got a pair of nice updates today with the deployment of the latest content patch that brings a new hero, skins, new quests and rebalancing tweaks into the game. All players who have previously spent Glory will get 90% refunded.

Update 2.3 Brings Hero Skins & Hero Hub

Super Evil Megacorp has announced the release of Vainglory v2.3 that brings some changes to the game as well as a new "Hero Hub" to give players access to all the information about the characters in the game.

New 5-Minute Game Format Added in Latest Update

Vainglory has been updated to v2.1 that adds a new 5-minute game format called Blitz Mode. In addition, players can get hold of the Epic Mystery Chest which offers a chance to get any hero or skin that currently is for sale in the market. Lastly, new supporter badges, hero skins, the Lunar New Year Map and other tweaks / balances have been added.

World Championship 2016

Eighteen months ago, we got to know a new entry in the MOBA genreā€”a sweet little touch screen game called Vainglory. Made exclusively for mobile by small Bay Area development team Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory dreamed its unique approach to competitive play would one day amount to something big. This weekend in Hollywood, California, that dream became reality as Super Evil Megacorp pulled off the first ever Vainglory World Championship.

Taking the Mobile MOBA Into Esports

Vainglory remains one of the most popular MOBAs on the mobile market and this week they are working towards making even bigger strides in esports. We spoke to Kris Segerstrale about the inroads the company is making with Twitch and other partners to create a strong esports league which will host games globally for players. While many of the big PC MOBAs already have leagues in place, Vainglory is making these moves in the mobile market.

Team Franchise Program Coming in 2017

Super Evil Megacorp has announced that it will be introducing the Vainglory Team Franchise program in 2017. The company will work with teams from around the world and share revenue. According to the press announcement, this will "ensure a healthy esports ecosystem".

Replay Mode to Add Recording & Broadcasting Features

Super Evil Megacorp has announced that Replay Mode will be forthcoming in the next major update to Vainglory. Replay Mode will bring enhanced recording and broadcasting features to the MOBA and will allow players to pan, zoom and slow the action using clips recorded during live play.

Huge Update Marks First Anniversary of eSports

Vainglory, the MOBA designed from the ground up for mobile devices, is ready to celebrate its first year in eSports with a huge new update that includes a new hero, new skins, a new Autumn Season 2016 chest alongside mobile and social features, and a new Content Creator Program and community meet-ups that will take place all around the world.

Summer Season Champions Crowned During PAX

During this past weekend's PAX West, Super Evil Corp crowned the North American Summer Season Champions after a full slate of team vs team matches. Team SoloMid (TSM) took out Hammers Velocity and will be present for the 2016 finals in December.

New Update Brings Summer Rewards + Summer Season Finals

The Vainglory team has a pair of neat announcements about the game. The first reveals the dates for the North American and European Summer Season Championships. The North American finals will take place in Seattle on September 2-4. The European championship will take place on September 9-11 in Cologne, Germany.

Amazon AppStore Signs on as Platinum Sponsor

The Vainglory team has scored a major sponsor thanks to inking a deal with the Amazon AppStore. Amazon will be hosting tournament championships and will be rewarding players with big discounts and bonus Amazon Coins, the premium currency used to buy in-game items.

Lance Becomes Latest Hero Added to the Armory

Vainglory players have a lot to look forward to with the arrival of the v1.18 update. Included in the patch is a new hero character named Lance that, as the name implies, is a fierce wielder of a polearm and shield. In addition to Lance, players will notice newly updated skins, new quests and rewards and the first details of the June 3rd Spring Season Championships (June 10th in the EU).

Spring Championships Announced for Hollywood & Berlin

Super Evil Megacorp has revealed information about the upcoming Vainglory Spring Championships, the first since announcing its partnership with Twitch.tv.