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    Unity 3D
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    Skill Check Studios
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    2017 (10/31/2016)
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Utherous Overview

Utherous is an open world sandbox MMORPG with a dynamic living world, empire building, unlimited character progression, an advanced crafting system, and unparalleled land size. Utherous allows players to develop their character in any way they want. There are no forced classes or builds. You can become the ultimate sword fighter capable of taking down a small army, or you can become a tailor of unparalleled skill who spends their days crafting and selling much needed resources to other adventurers. You can even become a ship designer or city planner. The advanced skill systems in Utherous lets you be you.

The world of Utherous is constantly evolving with and without player intervention. NPC factions will interact with each other, grow stronger, take over more land and live their lives with or without any interaction with players. You may stumble into the middle of a war or find a high level settlement that has taken control over an area. What you do then is up to you.

  • NPC System | Tired of being bossed around by NPCs all day? It’s your turn to tell them what you need done.
  • Unique Character Builds | An unprecedented level of customization and lifestyle options gives you the ability to be anything from a master of destruction to a purveyor of goods and services.
  • Expansive Environment | No loading at all until you leave one of our enormous continents.
  • Player Created Cities | Colonize your own cities. Build your own home or an entire guild city.
  • Deep Faction System | Deep and intricate faction system. Races, guilds, enemies and allies constantly jockey to increase their status in the pecking order.
First Look: Utherous

We sat down with the folks from Utherous at PAX East to have a first look at their new game. Using the Atavism MMO Creator, Thomas Timothy and his team have created a sandbox where players can build up their towns, siege other towns, or take on the local wildlife and other beings inhabiting the world of Utheria. Paired with Bionic Marine Command Online in a Steam bundle that recently got greenlit, Utherous shows a very strong sense of identity within a full-to-bursting genre.