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    Eternplay Game Company
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    Q1 2017
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Universe of Skagry Overview

Universe of Skagry is an upcoming Free to Play sci fi MMORPG from Eternplay Game Company. In the future, when space has long ceased to be a mystery for humans and conquering new worlds became commonplace, humans discovered creatures with an incredible ability to regenerate, called Skagry. Later, their genome was discovered to contain information that gave people eternal life. However, humans found that to be insufficient and began breeding Skagry and experiment with their genes. At some point the situation got out of control and Skagry broke free. Driven by a collective mind, they overtook planet after planet and soon filled the galaxy. To counter Skagry, a united government called the Confederation was established, charged with correcting the mistakes of the past and returning dominance over the universe to humanity.


  • Awesome futuristic Setting! | In the future, when space long ago ceased to be a mystery for humans and conquering new worlds became commonplace, you’ll be a Commander of the Confederation Fleet. You have your own Mothership on which you can explore the universe and colonize planets.
  • Manage your planetary colonies | Depending on the type of planet, colonies receive various bonuses and penalties on resource extraction, construction of buildings, and manufacture of warships.
  • Sandbox MMO gameplay! | An open world with thousands of solar systems. You can do whatever you want. There are no pre-set missions and there are no pre-determined linear scripts that every player must progress through
  • Become a president of the confederation | Each week, players vote for one of ten candidates. The President-elect receives bonuses in all aspects of the game for themselves and for members of the alliance to which he or she belongs.
  • No level restrictions | There's no restrictions on the level of development of colonies and technologies. You can upgrade any building or technology to the level you want.
  • Hardcore PVP | You will be able to attack any player, regardless of his development level and the size of his or her army. Anytime and anywhere.