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Underlight: Clash of Dreams Overview

Underlight is an unusual fantasy MMORPG founded in 1998 by Lyra and now managed by KoiWare. Clash of Dreams is the game's third incarnation, which went live in September 2014. Roleplay is at the center of the game: everyone plays a character in the game, there are no NPCs, and the players' actions determine the continually unfolding stories.

The setting is a city that exists only in dreams, where a succession of lucid dreamers have learnt to use their minds to attain what in real life would be magical powers, and shape what happens in often weird and wonderful ways. Everyone has a different idea of what the City of Dreams should be and what its true purpose is, and over the generations, they find leaders, teachers, friends - and enemies. But where there are dreams, there can be nightmares...


  • An ever-changing story | There is no "main storyline" quest that each player repeats: players' actions propel the plot, something new happens every day. No instances or private dungeons, just the open world.
  • The Great Houses | Currently open: Alliance of the Eclipse, Dreamers of Light, House Calenture, The Order of the Sable Moon. These player-controlled guilds are the main factions within Underlight; each follows its own esoteric beliefs and the members determine their rules, allegiances, and what they'll do next.
  • Old-school MMO experience | Beautiful retro graphics and a simple interface – Underlight takes an hour to learn, and a lifetime to master. Low system requirements.
  • Make your own quests | There are no pre-programmed quests, all quests are given out by players or GMs. Attaining the rank of "Teacher" allows you to make up your own quests for other players and train their skills in return.
  • Roleplay throughout | In Underlight all chat is in-character, except for private messages. Underlight combines an MMO world with the fun of improvising together in a tabletop RPG.