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Uncharted Waters Online Articles

Sail to New World Wonders and Enjoy a New Crafting System in Uncharted Waters Online: Rhodes and Ephesus

Uncharted Waters Online, the historically inspired sailing game, has a new update that brings chapter 2 of its story based on the Seven Wonders of the World. The new chapter, Rhodes and Ephesus, expands the story and adds new features, balance changes, and brings a new deeper crafting system.

OGPlanet Service Ends 9/29, Papaya Play Starts 10/18

OGPlanet is ceasing operations of Uncharted Waters Online on September 29th. However, Papaya Play is picking the nautical MMO and will set sail on October 18th. The content release schedule already in the works, including the Revolution expansion, will begin again after the new service starts on the 18th. It seems that accounts will be transferred to the new host and "OGPlanet is inviting players to refamiliarize themselves with their OGP IDs and passwords" in preparation.

The Industrial Revolution Takes to the High Seas

Uncharted Waters Online has been updated with Age of Revolution Chapter 1: Industrial Revolution. The new content brings technological advancement and big changes to the game including modern firearms and the steam engine. Players will find new recipes with fewer required components in order to facilitate production.

Barca Solar Update Sets Sail

The second chapter of Episode Atlantis has been released to Uncharted Waters Online servers. Called Barca Solar, the updated includes transmutation alchemy, a new location called Ancient Ganador, new quests, maps and ships.

Episode Atlantis Expansion to Set Sail on May 12th

OGPlanet has announced the first details about the forthcoming Uncharted Waters Online expansion scheduled to launch on May 12th. Called Episode Atlantis, the expansion will ultimately consist of three chapters beginning with the May 12th release.

Ancient Glory Expansion Sets Sail

OGPlanet has announced the successful deployment of the latest expansion to Uncharted Waters Online. Called "Ancient Glory", the expansion brings players to a Neo-Babylonian Empire that includes the Hanging Gardens, Tower of Babel and the Mesopotamia River Basin region. In addition, new relics and discoveries themed around the time period have been included as well as a pair of new ships.

Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy Released

OGPlanet has announced the release of a new expansion for Uncharted Waters Online, Gran Atlas Chapter 2: Astronomy.

Gran Atlas Expansion Sets Sail on February 12th

OGPlanet has announced that the next expansion to Uncharted Waters Online will officially kick off on February 12th. Gran Atlas will bring a literal boatload of new content into the game including two hundred new ships, nearly two hundred new ports to visit and two thousand discoveries to make.

Boxing Day Sale

Nautical MMO Uncharted Waters Online is postponing the post-holiday blues with a 20% off sale in the Astro Shop on 6 different packages.

Second Age Expansion Launches

OG Planet has announced that Uncharted Waters Online has expanded with "Second Age". The expansion, players will be able to customize and captain famous ships including the Sir Francis Drake and others.

Relaunch Arriving November 28th

Uncharted Waters Online has a new publisher and will officially relaunch on November 28th with the Age of Exploration content update. The current service for UWO will cease operations on November 25th, with the relaunch a few days later.

Soon Coming to OGPlanet

OGPlanet has announced that Uncharted Waters Online will soon be joining its stable of free-to-play MMOs later this fall. No specific date is given for the relaunch of the game other than the generic "Fall 2013". We'll keep you posted.

Tower of Babel Update Bumps Level Cap

Netmarble has released Tower of Babel, a new update for Uncharted Waters Online that bumps the game's total level cap to 225 (75 for each of the three classes), and also adds new quests, ships, and items.

Now Available on Steam

Netmarble has announced that Uncharted Waters Online is now available on Steam. To celebrate the new release, UWO players downloading from Steam can take advantage of several awesome perks.

Tierra American Chapter Deployed

NetMarble has announced that the latest Uncharted Waters Online chapter has been successfully deployed. According to the press release, the new content brings the West Indian Company and other buildings to help boost profits, skills and experience from colonies.