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Ultima Online Articles

Tim Cotten Reflects on Early Ultima Online Duping, and Burning Players' Houses Down to Catch Exploiters

A fun story from developer Tim Cotten, who tells about the early duping bugs in Ultima Online, and how when he joined the team, he planned a way to catch dupers by surprise, and turned it into an event.

Ultima Online Marked Its 25th Anniversary Over the Weekend With Events and A Special Shield

Saturday, September 24th, was the 25th anniversary of the release of Ultima Online. There were community events, official events, and commemoration across the internet, including from Raph Koster.

These Are Your December Events for Ultima Online

December events for Ultima Online have been announced in a recent community newsletter.

Ultima Online New Legacy To Bring Heraldry Banners, Surnames To MMO

Ultima Online: New Legacy is still in the works, but the team behind UO is eager to share some of the new features to be seen in the new shard for new players.

Weather Seasons Coming to Ultima Online New Legacy

The most recent community newsletter for Ultima Online New Legacy points to some upcoming events and more.

Ultima Celebrates 23rd Anniversary By Announcing Ultima Online New Legacy

Ultima Online's 23rd Anniversary celebration is off with a bang, with Broadsword announcing Ultima Online: New Legacy.

Ultimate Online Patch Publish 109 Provides Update on Artisan Festival

The Artisan Festival will begin on December 1 of this year as Ultima Online's latest patch gives us a look into the future as the team outline Publish 109.

Ultima Online Producer's Letter Shares Info About July's Publish 109 Update

Ultima Online's latest producer letter teases their Publish 109 update for July, in addition to hinting at the team's next project.

Ultima Online's Quest System Is Receiving an Overhaul

The quest system of Ultima Online is set to receive an overhaul according to a recent newsletter.

Update 108 Coming to Ultima Online in March

The Ultima Online team provided an update on Publish 108 in a newsletter, giving us new details.

Raph Koster Talks About His Upcoming Return to MMORPGs In New Interview

In an interview with Gamasutra, industry veteral Raph Koster discussed why he's back.

Lots of New High Seas Action Coming to Ultima Online

The Ultima Online newsletter reveals great news for fans of the game. After over two decades, the team is committed to bringing players tons of new High Seas action throughout 2019. The commitment to adding High Seas content comes after years of community requests at meet and greets, various player gatherings, forum feedback and more.

What Ultima Online Gave us 21 Years Ago

Ultima Online created the core ideas and concepts that have driven the MMO genre for 21 straight years. Ultima gave us an early look at what PvP on a large scale might be like, it allowed players to explore a world together for the first time. Ultima Online was a revolution, and it changed everything.

Ultima Online Celebrates Its 21st Birthday & Can Now Legally Buy a Beer!

If you were around in the early days of MMOs, you probably played Ultima Online. How well we remember the "scary music" when a PK would range near as we were innocently chopping wood to try to craft some type of weapon. Ah, the good old days! The Broadsword team took time out to thank players for their participation and "to those who have left their mark on [the] humble virtual world!"

UO Going F2P So Why Look for Old School When You Can Return to the Original?

Why bother looking for a game that brings back fond memories of more "hardcore" MMO days when you know that Ultima Online, the game that many feel is the standard for what today's MMOs should be, is going free to play? Broadsword has announced that Publish 99 will bring the F2P "Endless Journey" to Ultima Online, though there are some restrictions in place. Rest assured that there is still a subscription option available with no restrictions.