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Tyranny Articles

Bastard's Wound DLC Released

Tyranny has been updated with the release of the Bastard's Wound DLC ($14.99) as well as a free update for all players to improve game and expand story content that makes replaying the game a priority.

Paradox Reveals New DLC & Expansion

Paradox and Obsidian Entertainment have announced a double helping of new Tyranny content. The first is a new DLC called Tales from the Tiers. At $6.99, it is available to purchase today. In addition, an expansion called Bastard's Wound is in the works that will feature a new chapter to the main game as well as new characters and stories taking place in Bastard's Wound.

Obsidian Interview Teases Expansion? Yes! But No, Not Really

Our sister site, GameSpace.com, has a new interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Matt MacLean where he offers a retrospective look back at the development of Tyranny -- the game where it pays to be evil. The interview covers post launch, lessons learned, a look at the atypical narrative aspects and much more. Of particular note is a hint-not-a-hint that an expansion is on the way...though it's probably a joke. *sad face*

Let's Play Tyranny - Obsidian's New RPG

Let's play Tyranny! A brand new RPG from Obsidian where you play the Fatebinder - the right hand of an oppressive god-like tyrant. Will you guide his will, or make decisions of your own? Will you unleash his commands, or try to usurp his throne? Tyranny launches on PC on November 10th.

Gameplay & Mechanics Explored in Latest Dev Video Diary

The latest video developer diary for Tyranny has been published by Obsidian Entertainment. In it, several members of the Tyranny team discuss both gameplay and mechanics as they will be found in the game. Companions, battle techniques and a lot of game footage are shown that make this video a pretty exciting one for players waiting for this month's release of Tyranny.

Obsidian Entertainment Reveals Fatebinder's Spire

No great RPG comes without a place for the player protagonist to put up virtual feet to relax a bit, or, in Tyranny's case, to whip minions into shape. In the latest developer blog, Obsidian Entertainment reveals new information about Spires, mysterious structures of indeterminate purpose. Not one to let good real estate go to waste, however, Fatebinders are invited to create their own nest in the world.

Release Date Set for November 10th, Preorders Begin

Paradox Interactive and Obsidian Entertainment have announced that Tyranny will be ready to roll beginning November 10th. Preorders for Windows, Mac and Linux systems have opened as of today and come in three varieties, each with its own in game perks.

Art, Animation, Music - The Creative Side of the Game

A new video developer diary has been released by Paradox and Obsidian that centers around the music, art, and animation side of Tyranny. Viewers will meet the creators of the game's aesthetics as well as get a chance to see concept art and environments, companions and more. Check it out!

Behind the Scenes Dev Series to Explore the Depths of Evil

Tyranny developers from Obsidian Entertainment will delving into the depths of evil in a three-part series of video developer diaries. The videos will go behind the scenes of Tyranny's development with interviews, the writing effort and much more. Paradox Interactive has released the first part, with the subsequent two to come in the near future.

New Faction & Companion Detailed

Gamespot has a new post about one of the factions coming in Tyranny and the official site has been updated with a look at another of the companions that will journey with the player throughout the game.

Know Your Lore - Barik Character Revealed

The Tyranny site has been updated with a new introduction to one of the Companions that players will travel with in their journeys throughout the game. Named Barik of the Stone Shields, and is a top notch soldier who takes no guff from those outside the Overlord's reach.