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Twin Saga Articles

Twin Saga Update Launches with Five New Dungeons

Gamigo has announced that the latest Twin Saga update has launched that features five brand new dungeons, a new large-scale PvP battleground and a crossover "X-Legend MMO" event (Twin Saga, Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia). During the event, players can earn a new pet that originates from one of the different online worlds created by the development team.

Latest Update Brings a New Class, Zones, Dungeon, Quests & More

The latest Twin Saga update has been deployed that brings a ton of new content to players including a new class, the Canoneer, to the game. In addition, players will have two new zones to explore, a new dungeon and a new story quest series.

New Dungeon & a New Holiday Event Arrive

Twin Saga has been updated this week to bring new content into the game. Players can look forward to the Spirit Palace Dungeon, new Senshi Quests from Luna and an updated Christmas Event.

'Transparency with Players Benefits the Game'

A new product manager has stepped in for the Twin Saga community. In his first letter via Facebook, PM Ancalagon writes that being transparent with the community nearly always benefits the game. With that in mind, he goes on to lay out the preliminary details for upcoming content patches.

Newcomer Package Giveaway!

MMORPG.com has received gift keys for Twin Saga that will give players the Newcomer Package that is full of in game goodies such as a 3 day Unicorn, 5 slot backpack, Loot Charms and much, much more! Get your free key now!

Commercial Release Achieved, New Content & Look Included

Gamigo and Aeria Games have announced that Twin Saga is now officially in commercial release. Players entering the game will find that the game has undergone "visual rebranding" and features a new focus on the overall story of the twin goddesses, Marisa and Amaris..

A Fun Romp Through a Lively World

When I first started playing Twin Saga I didn't really know what expect because it isn't a game I had been actively following. As an Anime MMORPG it holds onto a fairly niche market in the MMO world and I hadn’t played any of the previous Anime inspired MMOs. What I found was an interesting game with easy to learn systems, beautiful artistry, and a ton of content to dive into.

Let's Play with RipperX #1

RipperX takes a first look at Twin Saga which is a new Free to Play MMORPG from Aeria Games. In Twin Saga, adventurers will dive into a world teeming with life and challenging PvP and PvE combat.

Open Beta Begins Today

Starting today, Twin Saga fans can get in on the action with the official launch of open beta testing. The open beta comes with a new trailer and a brand new class called the Dragonknight. In addition, the level cap has been increased to 65 and several new dungeons have been added as well.

Closed Beta First Impressions - TheHiveLeader

TheHiveLeader dives into the oddly dirty Closed Beta of Twin Saga. In Twin Saga, adventurers will dive into a world teeming with life and challenging PvP and PvE combat. The game's mobile housing system offers each player a customizable home base – the “Terracottage� – that can be progressively upgraded as they make their way through the game. Not only do Terracottages roam swiftly through the central continent, they can also be equipped with tools for developing player professions an

Aeria’s Best New Game In Years

On a whim, we bought ourselves access to the Twin Saga founder’s beta, ongoing right now for Aeria Games’ newest import MMORPG. What we found, is surprising: a genuinely fun, deep, and accessible anime RPG with some solid systems and narrative.

Founders' Beta Begins with New Producer's Letter

The Twin Saga Founders' Beta has officially kicked off with some new information uncovered via today's producer's letter.

Change Classes, Not Characters - Fighting Style Revealed

In most MMOs, players wanting to fill a specific role have to create characters of that class and switch between them. But in Aeria Games' Twin Saga, players can switch classes on the fly. Missing a healer for that dungeon? It's no problem to become a Cleric. Need the firepower of a mage? BAM! Done!

Ready for August Release

Aeria Games has announced that Twin Saga will be ready for deployment in August, though no specific date was revealed. Interested fans can get hold of Founder's Packs that guarantee access to a Founder's beta, closed beta access and the ability to secure character names for open beta. In addition, Founder's Pack owners will receive a number of in-game items.

MMObile Home Travel Arrives

In what has to be a first in the MMO-niche, Twin Saga players can now travel the game world in a mobile Terracottage, a three-story home on feet. Players can decorate it, craft inside and much more. Seeing is believing, so check out the video below before heading off to the Twin Saga site to learn more.