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Next Update Detailed in Latest Developer Diary

The TUG Kickstarter page has been updated with a new post that lays out some interesting details regarding the next game patch. The post also includes video presentations about each of the major systems that are currently in testing to give fans a look at how they will be presented in game.

New Partnership with Yogscast

Open-world, social-science experiment/RPG TUG is following up its recent alpha launch on Steam Early Access by collaborating with "The UK's kings of YouTube", Yogscast.

The Flexibility to be a Sandbox RPG We Want to Play

In every gamer’s life, there comes a time to take a look at the horizon and see what new and innovating things are in the works. I hit that point recently and began a search to see what could peek my interests. Was there really anything out there that had the potential for different in either its mechanics or its development? This search lead me to TUG (The Untitled Game) by Nerd Kingdom where I read this description and was instantly intrigued.

Behavioral RPG Available Now On Steam

Nerd Kingdom, a group (dare we say "cabal"?) of scientists, economists, artists and game devs joined together to create TUG, a sandbox MMO focused on players' creativity and competitiveness. An Alpha version of the game is currently available on Steam and Nerd Kingdom is looking for players to help them refine it.