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TUG Overview

TUG is an open world fantasy sandbox RPG that utilizes building tools and a loose lore along with social and economic sciences to let players impact the game. The team behind the game, Nerd Kingdom, has included everyone from an economist, behavioral and social scientists, narrative and literary experts in addition to game developers and artists to create the game's resources and environments. TUG will let players create the world's structures and approach play as a true sandbox would. There will be a story and lore in some form, but it's up to the player character (who begins as a child, growing into a teen, and finally, an adult) to discover it through exploration and the choices he or she makes. TUG is designed to adapt to the way players play, including in your character's physical attributes and the game will dynamically adapt to you based on how you play with others. FEATURES
  • Open World Sandbox RPG Gameplay | Build the world around you however you like. Explore and discover more about the lore. Learn and grow and play through TUG however you like.
  • The Game that Adapts to You | The use of social, behavioral, and economic sciences, among others will build a game that reflects how you play it. The game will adapt to how you play with others and interact. Additionally, your player character will grow up during the game and his or her physical attributes affected by how you use them.), but in how you get there too.
  • Ongoing Beta | The game lets researchers and the community meet in the middle of the game experience to shape ongoing development and shifts in the game according to how players act and play it.