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Trove Articles

Megalithic Update Interview

This week we spoke to the Trove team about the Megalithic update’s launch on consoles. With PC players already in sync, the great news is from now on Trion will be launching all future updates across all platforms. So no more waiting and out of sync events. The Megalithic update has some great features and the Dino Tamer class who fits right along the Jurassic Jungle new zone. We spoke to the team on how the game has been ported over to console play and what players can expect from the update.

Making the Move to PS4

Trion’s voxel MMO Trove has been a huge success on the PC. Now the team is working on the port to consoles and giving players an even bigger world to enjoy. We sat down with Andrew Krausnick to go over what it is like to transfer an MMO to the PS4. Andrew also gave us some insight on the game’s upcoming content, so jump in and read as we continue our Trove coverage with their big move!

Harnessing the Power of Elemental Gems

When Trion Worlds releases the Trove expansion called Mantle of Power, one new system is going to give players some awesome reasons to chase down and access the power of the elements: Gems. With the new gem system, players will be able to get hold of powerful jewels to socket that will create some amazing (and interesting!) new class abilities.

Battle Arena - New PvP Action with a Trovian Touch

PvP will be entering Trove in a big way with the arrival of the 5v5 Battle Arena. We had the opportunity to speak with Executive Producer Andrew Krausnick about all of the special Trovian touches that are being brought to bear in the Battle Arena and about the possibility of even more PvP being added over time.

So Update. Much Fastness.

Yes, we just used the tired Doge meme. Deal with it. Late last week, I sat down to chat with Trove’s Creative Director, Andrew Krausnick about all the work their small team’s done on the game since opening it up to an NDA-less Alpha. Before the nice long deserved break at Trion’s San Francisco offices, Andrew and I went over everything the team’s added in the past couple of weeks since we last took a look at Trove.