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Geode - How Stories Light Up a World

There is so much more to Trove than meets the eye. Beyond the bold colors, voxel aesthetics and churning content constantly updated to keep us occupied is also story. Albeit, scattered story that mainly came to life when a new biome did, as well as via items in the game. Until Now with Trove Geode.

Millions of Voxels, Millions of Players

Trove, since launching last month officially on Steam and Glyph, has quickly become the #4 title on Valve’s store, and Trion just today is announcing that 1 million active monthly users log into the voxel-based MMORPG. In short, Trove is a certified hit, and even Trion was caught off guard with its success.

Trove Builds on Cube World’s Legacy

It would be easy to take one look at Trove and dismiss it as a cutesy entry into the MMORPG genre that is increasingly hanging its hat on the term “voxel.” To do so, however, would be a mistake. It is no secret that Trove is inspired by Cube World from Picroma but instead of blatantly ripping off that indie flash in the pan Trion has spent the past two years developing Trove and has iterated it into something more.

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Trove

On a whim, I downloaded and started playing Trove a few days ago, oblivious to its launch this week. I had previewed it a little during the alpha and kept one eye on it while playing other things, but hadn’t paid close attention to any of the game’s updates through beta and leading up to release.